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Pharma R&D Experts


Rebecca Lumsden
Rebecca LumsdenRebecca Lumsden
Director-Regulatory Policy
Pfizer, UK
Julie Dee Suman
Julie Dee SumanJulie Dee Suman
President, Next Breath
Baltimore, MD
Dennis E. Hruby
Dennis E. HrubyDennis E. Hruby
Ex.VP & CSO, SIGA Technologies, Inc., Corvallis, OR
Bruce Kovacs
Bruce KovacsBruce Kovacs
CEO, Afecta Pharmaceuticals
Irvine, CA
Kay Olmstead
Kay OlmsteadKay Olmstead
CEO, Nano PharmaSolutions
Inc., San Diego, CA
Marc Garbey
Marc GarbeyMarc Garbey
CEO & Founder, ORintelligence
Houston, TX
Bruce E Bloom
Bruce E BloomBruce E Bloom
CCO, Helix
Evanston, IL
David Huang
David HuangDavid Huang
CEO, Oloren AI
San Diego, CA